A blog about a life awakened and rejuvenated around Western New York.



So I begin today. May 1st, 2013.

It’s a bright and sunny day in Orchard Park NY. Mid-to-high seventies and a slight breeze. A beautiful day…

Why I decided to blog/journal is beyond my comprehension. It just felt sort of… right; a set of sympathetic (some will say pathetic) ears to “hear” these rants or offer the chance to comment in my own words (hopefully neither poetically or to read like a novella).

Why today? Today is just when the spirit moved me. The design may be altered from time to time… until I find a look that feels right for this resting place. But the content here will be purely me. (He said, as they all rush for the locked exits!)

This design displayed is called “Yoko” which is rather fitting and quite telling. I have been, I am and I will always remain a Beatles fanatic. (I flip-flop my favoritism between John and Paul, but the Yoko connection still fits either way.)

Also rather cryptic is the Beatles influence expressed in the title of my journal – “It’s Just Another Day!” And in as such, special days will be highlighted as “A DAY IN THE LIFE”, reminiscences will be labeled “YESTERDAY” and of course things of a wishful and curious nature fall into the “TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS” vein.

So since I have the bases covered, I’ll gladly send this page off into the “blogiverse”.

I ask that you be civil, “Be Excellent to Each Other” (Thanks, Rufus!) and remember these bits o’wisdom:

“All you need is love!”


“The love you take is equal to the love you make!”

(I had to throw those in!)