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Piąty Może (Fifth of May)

Living in Buffalo, I’m nestled on the edge of Lake Erie on the opposite shore from Canada. We’re just a Peace Bridge away. I remember a few years back, my youngest daughter sat with me watching Fourth of July fireworks when she asked, “Dad, do they have a Fourth of July in Canada?” I knew what she was asking, but I couldn’t resist having fun with her.

“No sweetie”, I began “the Canadians go right from the third to the fifth!”

She knew I was full of it. She’s right about a lot of things.

I’ve applied that same logic to the Fifth of May – Cinco De Mayo. And I keep falling back on my heritage. Is there a Fifth of May in Poland? Of course there is. It would probably be called Piąty Może  which translates to, you guessed it Fifth of May. (See class, isn’t it great when things work out so nicely?)

It’s just a regular day between the fourth and sixth. There is no “Running of the Golumbke”, no “Kielbasa Fiesta”. There may be singing and dancing (Poles love to sing and dance), and there may be joyous merriment, but that could be just a reaction to being alive in Poland on the fifth of May.

The Polish people find simple pleasures in a complex life. That’s how their cabbage rolls!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Piąty Może, Fifth of May. Celebrate today!