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At different times, I’ve called myself a poet, an author, a composer, playwright (other people have called me other things… but, that’s not important right now). There are times I’ve felt like all those things, but… most times not.

Don’t ask me why that is. I like to write, but a lot of the while it doesn’t feel like it. A writer has an attitude, for lack of a better word. Being inspired does take some doing. Sometimes, I’m just not into it lately. Something was missing.

Enter Film Noir. Those old B&W movies have their charm still today. Surely, they’re campy and cliche by today’s standard, but what isn’t? With a mind set on random wandering, I flipped on the television. Scanning the channels, I came across one such movie. The guy portrayed on the screen was a reporter. Sleeves rolled, cigarette dangling from his lip. His hat perched back on his head, press credentials stuffed in the hat band. (I told you it was cliche). He sat at his trusty typewriter tapping out copy for the latest edition.

For some reason this struck me in an odd way. The guy looked like he was writing his ass off. But, more importantly, he SOUNDED like he was well on his way to becoming ass-less. That old typewriter sound intrigued me to no end. My mind, in its own inimitable way thinks in mysterious ways at times. I didn’t FEEL like a writer because I didn’t SOUND like a  writer.

Long story finally short: I came across this application that adds the clickety-clack of an old typewriter to my computer keyboard. The kicker is the carriage return with the bell at the end. The sound excites me and it inspires me; makes me want to write more. I feel old school with a technological advantage! I’m sure it will get annoying at times and will invariably drive my wife insane (that’s not a drive… that’s a short putt). But until all of that happens, at least I’ll sound like I’m writing my ass off.

Yep, it sounds like he’s writing again…


P.S. The application is called Qwertick, in case you wondered.



Today’s forecast: Fair, with a chance of thunderstorms.

That’s like saying – A great life… with a chance of death.

Ok, so reality could come to bite you in the ass on occasion, that is as long as it’s based on some semblance of fact. Reality based on fact? (What a concept!)

Sometimes I wonder, “Do they even really know?” The weather “gurus” play with their models (boys and girls with their toys) and then form OPINIONS on what THEY see. One scenario says it won’t be such a bad day… High in the low to possible mid-sixties, partly cloudy but dry. The other forecast says the temperatures will drop into the fifties and rain like a son-of-a-bitch (not an official on-air weather term). So we will be dealing with a cold to moderately warm, dry not so dry deluge of biblical proportions.

It’s like going to a psychic who sees a possible male or female with an b, s, n, or o in their name who was, is or will be acquainted to you in this or another life…

Rather random, wouldn’t you say? So, I prefer to use my father’s age old (and extraordinarily accurate system). “Sonny”, he’d say “stick your head out the window. If it comes back wet… take an umbrella!”

Yeah, he called me Sonny and he never knew why. He claimed I wasn’t that bright! But I know his garden would have loved all this rain (if it eventually falls or not!)

*******  UPDATE ******

OK, so it started to come down in a torrent of precipitation. A whole lot of rain in a short burst, but I’m taking off points for the lack of rumble. I’d like my thunder storm to make some damn noise, thank you very much!

But apparently, I pissed the rain gods off! I didn’t realize I wield such power! I must learn to harness this for good!